We are all involved in the process of aging: from providing for our own future to providing care for family and friends; from finding solutions to make our own homes aging-active to helping our community fulfill the mitzvah of “honoring our parents.”

Over the coming year, the Jewish Federation is partnering with East Bay congregations and Jewish organizations to explore how we can work together to respond to the needs of our aging Jewish community. Through presentations by experts in the field and round table discussions, we will explore models where people can have more satisfying lives, work and relationships in what is now being called “The Third Age.”

Announcing the new listserv in support of The Longevity Revolution

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Posting is easy. Reach out to the subscribers on this listserv by sending email to longrev@lists.jfed.org.

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Sunday, June 1, 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Temple Sinai, 28th and Webster Streets, Oakland

  • How can we create an aging-friendly community in the East Bay?
  • What short, mid and long-term initiatives will help us accomplish this?
  • Share your vision with others at our June 1 Town Hall Meeting. Don't miss this opportunity to have your voice heard.

Sunday, March 2, 10:00 AM – Noon
Temple Beth Abraham, 327 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland

Thursday, March 20, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Beth Chaim Cong., 1800 Holbrook Drive, Danville

Panelists include Rabbi Elliot Kulka, Professor Andrew Scharlach and Marj Wolf (Chairperson, Aging-Friendly Initiative)

  • Innovations: The Village Movement, assisted living without walls, Green Houses, Co-housing
  • Building a transition network
  • Technological and transportation solutions
  • Creating an “aging-friendly” Jewish community
  • Meeting the needs of all generations

Sunday, February 9, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Cong. B’nai Shalom, 74 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek

Thursday, February 20, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Cong. Beth El, 1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley

Panelists: Janet Brush, MSW, Rabbi Aderet Drucker, Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Jay Luxenberg, M.D., Adam Rochmes, Ph.D.,
and Avi Rose, LCSW

  • Navigating emotional and psychological challenges
  • Long-distance caregiving
  • Gerontechnology
  • Making your life aging-active
  • Coping with loss

Sunday, October 20, 3:00 – 5:00 PM
Temple Isaiah, 945 Risa Road, Lafayette

Click here for a summary of Maddy Dychtwald's keynote presentation.

Video with Hans Rosling

Posted on November 11, 2013

Over the past two centuries, life expectancies throughout most of the world have greatly increased. Today, many people will enjoy a thirty year “bonus” and live into their 90’s. To see Swedish statistician and medical doctor Hans Rosling discuss how different countries in the world have improved life expectancies over the past 200 years, click here. (YouTube)

Rosling co-founded the Gapminder Foundation together with his son Ola Rosling and daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund. Gapminder developed the Trendalyzer software that converts international statistics into moving, interactive graphics. His lectures using Gapminder graphics to visualise world development have won awards.